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What Today’s Technology Buyers Want from You

Much of the following is from an excellent Trust Radius article. TrustRadius, a research and review platform dedicated to technology buyers, recently released their 2022 B2B Buying Disconnect report—a survey of 2,185 respondents that shows year-over-year trends in business technology buying and selling. Here are a few highlights of the 2022 report:

· Virtually 100% of buyers want to self-serve part or all of the buying journey—up 13% from 2021.

· Since 2021, vendor sales reps have dropped out of the top five most commonly used resources for buyers.

· 41% of Gen Z-ers and 29% of Millennials named “check review sites” as their first step in the buying journey.

· Usage of nearly all vendor-provided information sources declined from 2021 to 2022, with Vendor Reps dropping by 13%.

· The top 3 things buyers want: vendors to provide as a self-serve option are: software pricing (71%) demos or free trials (70%), and customer reviews (35%)

· Buyers named cold calling (64%) as the number one reason they are less likely to buy a product from a vendor.

· 40% of buyers named “having to contact sales for a demo or free trial” among the three things vendors do to make them less likely to buy.

· The vast majority of buyers (81%) want to find pricing information on their own.

· 16% of buyers will cross a vendor off their short-list for not including upfront and transparent pricing information online.

· One-third of buyers say that collaboration among decision makes has increased since the pandemic.

This obviously doesn’t apply to all technology sellers—for example, most buyers will definitely want to talk with a knowledgeable sales rep for high-end products and services And any technology that needs to be customized won’t have a static price associated with it. So, this is interesting, but not a complete story. The full TrustRadius article is here:

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