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Expertly Optimized

We understand the technology industry:
how to create and optimize content for maximum effect in this market. 

Everyone Knows They Need Content: Who Has The Time?
There are 1,000s of SEO (search engine optimization) consultants with varying degrees of expertise. The thing is, they need something to search engine optimize aside from old webpages. SEO thrives on fresh content. 
The Core Issue With Content
By now, everyone understands that a continuous supply of fresh content is imperative for getting noticed in the marketplace. The issue that no one talks about is this
In addition, who wants their valuable engineers and tech employees spending a significant amount of time creating content? We have mastered a collaborative system of content creation that requires very little employee time to create impressive content designed to convert tech buyers. 
How Content Creation and SEO Work Together
Having a continuous pipeline of fresh content that you are proud of, that represents your brand well, and that impresses and converts technology buyers (not shoppers) has always been important. The best way to do this is to provide the content they need to make a buying decision. So, for example, a blog post on a free hardware or software trial; not the specs and benefits of the latest processor. It takes a lot of time to write good content.  One of the keys to success is focusing on content that is inducive to buying and not merely informative. What you really want the reader to do is take some action that benefits the reader and you.
So the content needs to do 2 things:
1.  Motivate the reader to buy, or at least contact you
2.  Be easily discoverable online
Number 2 is where SEO comes in.  The content needs to be expertly optimized for Google search with keyterms that searchers are using to buy what you are selling. With a sophisticated tool, such as Semrush, we can pinpoint the exact keyterms that buyers are using to find what you are selling.  It's not a guessing game--there is science behind it. 

Research shows that professional writing quality is one of the top 3 service features technology companies want from their marketing consultants--and apparently aren’t getting, because failure to deliver is one of the most common reasons for dissatisfaction. 

The very employees with the expertise to produce great content, are the exact same people that have the least amount of time. 

If you are looking for great content that attracts and converts

technology buyers, contact us now.

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