Best Use of Social Media for B2B Technology Companies

Focusing on just the big 3—LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, following are some suggestions for maximizing the impact. · LinkedIn: This is by far and away the most valuable tool for most technology-related B2Bs. In fact, many (including me) consider this the Facebook for business. It is important to post regularly with information that is relevant to your audience. The length of the post doesn’t matter as much as its usefulness--most people are happy with one insight. While LinkedIn ads and sponsored posts are relatively expensive, they deliver results. The other nice thing is that LinkedIn has personal support for maximizing the impact of paid campaigns. Another, more time-consuming option is

Analyzing Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an excellent tool for B2Bs, but as with all analytics tools, the results don’t actually speak for themselves. Google Analytics results do require some human analysis. Without taking that additional step, the results can be misleading. Here are a few things to consider. 1. Visitor Volume: The best use of this metric is for long-term trending. I would recommend comparing at least the last 3 months-over the previous period. A. If you see a major visitor drop on a single day or even over the previous month, don’t despair. It probably indicates a technical issue such as one or more pages missing code. B. Or, there may one or more pages that Google is suddenly not able to inde

Best way to rank in organic search for high-end products

Research show that relatively inexpensive consumer and business products (under $500) achieve better results in terms of sales with pay-per-click (PPC) ads than with organic results, but the polar opposite is true for high ticket items. In fact, organic results achieve dramatically better results than PPC in that scenario. Why? It really boils down to trust and credibility. People that are spending a lot of money would like as much risk removed as possible. With high organic rankings there is a perception of credibility. High organic rankings imply industry authority leadership, experience, and expertise—everything searchers want when contemplating a major purchase. This perception translate

Long-Tail Search Campaign is an Integral Part of All Marketing Strategies

The likelihood that a key term or phrase will drive a conversion increases with its relevance… not its volume One of the best ways for small technology companies to get off the ground fast is through long-tail key terms. Long-tail key term strategy refers to focusing on a large number of highly relevant key terms with low search volume (often 0-9 per month) rather than a few key terms with high search volume: for example, instead of HPC Cluster, Custom HPC Cluster Solution Provider (relevant key terms that attract buyers average 4 words). Surprisingly, one-word key terms account for only 2.8% of all the terms people search with, while long-tail key terms make up around 40%. As I mentioned ea

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