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This is what you can expect

  • An immediate significant increase in website traffic, followed by  a steady increase

  • More inbound leads

  • Increased brand awareness

  • Higher email open rates

  • Stronger channel partner relationships along with funds

  • A healthy website

  • Clear metrics

  • Greatly reduced dependence on Google Ads

  • More revenue

This is what our clients say

If you would like to speak with a current client, just ask.

"The metrics are important to me and almost everyone in management here. They like to see results and reports. I never have to go into a meeting empty-handed or (rarely) with a disappointing report."

Business Development Manager, Oil Formulator

"I'm astonished when I hear people say that search results don't matter--my guess is that they just can't figure it out. If you aren't on the first page of search results how is anyone ever going to find you? It's like having a fantastic store with no sign  that's off on a dirt road. We have a good-sized marketing department with a lot of talent, but we have never been able to get in the top 10 results for terms that we really need to attract business. That's no longer true."

President and CEO Data Analytics Platform Developer


"We have been working with Smart Communications for 18 months. We are a relatively small technology company that has been in business for about 15 years. At the time we first contacted them, sales had been stagnant and we were looking for anything to create a spark. Their services have leveled the playing field with our much bigger competitors."

President and CEO, Custom Technology Developer


"Smart PR Communications has been with us since we were a start up with no marketing department (or budget). Now, just seven short years later, we are one of the fastest growing companies in the Chicago area. We have a good sized marketing department now and Smart PR Communications is still an important part. They have always been professional, reliable, resourceful, and consistently delivered results that we require of our consultants."

Vice President, Technology Reseller


"We are very, very, very cost-conscious here--it's part of our culture. I never want to sink money into something that isn't going to produce results. We have heard that a lot over the years-you know, just keep waiting a few more months and you will see results. Then nothing materializes. In this case, we started seeing results immediately. More importantly, we have been able to reduce our monthly online advertising spend from a little over $4,000 to somewhere between $500 and $1,000."

President, Industrial Engineering & Simulation Firm

"We have a few partners that are very generous with sales incentives. We were aware that they offered marketing funds also. You would think they would help you navigate the process for claiming funds, but they don't and our employees would quit rather than have to deal with all that. I say this because that's exactly what almost happened. So before we started working with Smart Communications there was a big chunk of money that was just sitting there. That's no longer the case.  It's not unusual for (Smart PR Communications) to bring in $10,000 or more per quarter for us."

Vice President, Sales & Marketing Independent Software Vendor

"We are a 2 person marketing department. My manager--and everyone else here-- wants to see metrics. It can be so frustrating to prove results, even when we know something is working. Trying to find those metrics just takes a lot of time that we don't have. One of the most valuable things about Smart PR Communications is their ability to deliver strong metrics for all of our marketing efforts--not just the ones they are involved in."

Marketing Director, Custom Chemical Company

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