Marketing Technology through a Global Crisis

Technology companies tend to weather crises better than other sectors. In fact, many technology companies reported their best earnings during the last recession. That said, it’s still important for technology marketers to do some pivoting when the economy slows. 1. Leverage the Creative Energy of a Challenge: This is an opportunity. Plan and act efficiently from a place of focused calm. Don’t react out of fear. Ideas that come from a place of fear will be scattered and lack a plan for implementation. 2. Protect the Brand. Short-term wins can have unintended long-term brand consequences. Getting pulled into a price war is a good example. Once you get pegged as the low price leader, it’s

Getting Everyone On Board During a Period of Rapid Change

Most organizations are trying to create a new normal right now that they can maintain for the next few months. It’s not always easy to get everyone onboard, though. Following is some advice for making change as easy as possible for everyone. Most people don’t like change. In fact, most people would rather die than change. Consider this - among post-heart surgery patients who were told that they needed to adopt a healthier lifestyle (exercise and a better diet) to prevent further heart disease, only 10 percent complied. The five reasons 90 percent of patients gave for not wanting to change, are the same reasons that people generally give: They were happy with the status quo. They didn’t thin

Getting Things Done When Everyone’s Gone

There are three times every year when most businesses empty out:: Winter holidays: The week before Thanksgiving, the weeks before and after Christmas and the week after New Years The weeks before and after Easter Late July and early August And then there’s now..during the Coronavirus pandemic. I 1. Plan Ahead Schedule and complete your people dependent projects for times when people are likely to be around and stockpile your alone projects to work on when you know people will be gone. For example, if you are working on a project that involves conducting interviews: do the interviews before everyone leaves and save the write-ups for when they’re gone. 2. Find a Sub If the project has to be co

How to Be Productive When You’re Working from Home

There are a lot of perks to working from home that, if you’ve been doing it for a while you take for granted, these include taking walk the dog/pet the dog breaks, accepting deliveries, lunching locally with work friends, a quick nap with no interruptions, an occasional beer/glass of wine when things overheat—and (a nod to Don Draper) a movie break when you need to clear your head. One of the most important benefits for me is that I have zero travel time—which adds an hour or more of productive time a day. That’s a lot! The two major downsides to working from home are isolation and distraction. Here are some strategies for dealing with all this. Get Dressed: It’s tempting to spend the day in

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