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Boost Website Traffic
Organically & ID Leads

The right strategy, the right skillset, and the right tools. 

We have mastered the art and science of SEO
If search engine optimization (SEO) was just a science, automated tools like Yoast would be all anyone would ever need. Yoast and other apps that promise to automate SEO are not only inadequate, even worse, they lull companies into thinking they are maximizing website traffic when they definitely are not. 
We start with a much better SEO tool, Semrush--it's expensive but not even in the same ballpark capabilities-wise as most other SEO apps. Our clients don't pay extra for Semrush, it's part of the deal. 
Semrush has a great keyterm tool that we use as a starting point. After that, the art comes in.  Finding the best keyterm that will drive the most relevant traffic to a client's site involves time-consuming research and manual input on our part.
For example, if we are looking for a keyterm to use for "tablets".  If we just enter "tablets" into Semrush, we will get a lot of great data on all kinds of tablets, including things like vitamins. So we need to start refining it for the market, which requires trial and error. i.e. does "computer tablets" get more traffic than "tablet PCs"? Semrush can tell us right away, but we have to create the query.  
Most other SEO optimization providers will stop with the science; missing the very terms that drive the relevant traffic that leads to conversions. 
What we do and how we do it
Create Searchable Content Strategically
  • Blog Posts
  • Media Releases
  • Webpage Copy
Search-Optimize Content
  • The science: Semrush keyterm tools
  • The art: manual input based on relevancy
Publish Content
  • On your website
  • Digital distribution--in the case of media releases
Review and Analyze Metrics Every Week
  • Keyterm Overview Report
  • Position Tracking Report
  • Site Audit--just to be sure Google is crawling all pages.
  • And in some cases, a Competitor Report to benchmark the client against a competitor--yes, we actually can see what keyterms your competitors are using. 
  • You get a copy of these reports every week.
Adjust Content Per Metrics
  • We look at overall traffic volume, total impressions, and average position
  • If a keyterm is underperforming, we can go back and adjust the content.
Lead ID
Generating all this traffic is much more useful if you have some idea who these visitors are. To that end, we use a tool that will allow you to identify your most valuable site visitors in real time.​​
This is a Big Part of What We Do, But By No Means All We Do
We also take care of:
  • Blog posts
  • Web copy
  • Social posts
  • Emails
  • Overall marketing strategy development
  • Media relations, placements, and pitches
Basically everything your marketing department would be doing if you had one or, if you have one--everything they don't have the resources to do.
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