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A Content-Metrics Driven Solution

Strong content & powerful visibility that ignite website traffic

Smart, Strategic, Experienced
Our goal is to keep costs to our clients down without compromising service and results. To that end, we have identified areas that are the foundation of smart, well-rounded digital communications--basically all the services that deliver results without the services that don't.
The foundation of a successful communications strategy, that is usually omitted, is a disciplined approach-continually focusing on what is measurably working and doing only that.

Typical Work Product Schedule


  • Social Posts: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook

  • Analytics Reporting

  • Status Meeting


  • 4 Blog Posts

  • 2 Emails

  • 1 Media Release

Search Optimization

  • Content Key Term Research and Application

  • Ongoing Page Tag Review

  • Keyword Analysis

  • Inbound link building

If you are currently paying for online advertising, you should be able to taper off in 3 months and completely eliminate that expense in 6 months without affecting website traffic volume. 


Channel Partners

  • Research, apply for and maximize MDF reimbursements

  • Collaborate on co-marketing activities


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