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Embracing the new while capitalizing on what's working

Effective Marketing is Always Evolving

About AI Content Generation

We are currently exploring AI Content Generation and how to best leverage this incredible innovation as a baseline tool for professional quality content.  We think that--when paired with professional, industry-specific expertise and a thorough knowledge of each client’s business, along with strategic analytic, optimization and distribution expertise-- it offers a tremendous opportunity.

Assessing and Incorporating Valuable Trends at the Leading Edge
It’s easy to get pulled off-strategy by every new marketing tool that comes along. It’s also easy to ignore truly valuable tools until it’s almost too late. There is a happy medium of continuous awareness, education and evaluation backed by a smart approach to adoption. No matter how new and exciting, we just don’t replace what has been producing results with something that won’t.


Driven to Continually Innovate
As a leading boutique consultant for smaller technology companies, we are always ignited by new ideas and challenges. It may be a new marketing tool or it may be a new client that needs a brilliant marketing strategy to dig out of a hole. We have even created tools and methods for specific clients that other marketers have adopted.
A Strong Understanding of Classic Marketing Theory

There is an ever-expanding subset of classic marketing masters—recognized for the timeless essence at the core of their teachings. Instead of discarding their valuable insight in search of the new, we are always looking for opportunities to pair this knowledge with today’s leading-edge theories. This puts us on a level above most other marketers. The marketing masters we embrace include:

  • Clayton Christensen: Disruptive innovation

  • Michael Porter: Effective competitive strategy

  • W. Chan Kim: Demand creation

  • Al Reis and Jack Trout: Branding and positioning

  • Peter Drucker: Corporate integrity


The mix of old and new we choose is different for each client and depends on where they want to go and how we believe they can get there.


Effective marketing is both strategic and dynamic.

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