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What defines us...


Smart PR Communications was born in 2007 serving mostly technical organizations with complex products and services. This is a market that requires consultants to get up to speed quickly, pay careful attention to detail, and translate features and benefits into terms that decision makers can understand.


Because we initially served as account consultants for several large public relations/communications firms, we could see four areas where we believed we could outdo most of them, including:

  • Mastering online visibility.

  • Using precise strategy to keep costs down without sacrificing results.

  • Adopting communications tools that fit the real world needs of the client's organization.

  • Embracing emerging trends without abandoning classic strategy.

Although search engine optimization has always been a cornerstone of the content we create, over the years, we have also focused on metrics--partnering with SEM Rush to develop truly valuable insights that inform content and drive results.

These continue to be the areas that define us.

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