The Best Marketing Strategy is to Master a Few Tools

The best way to leverage marketing tools effectively is to master them. If you’re like every other business, trying to keep up with the flood of new marketing applications it should come as a relief to know that your greatest success is going to come through mastering 2-4 tools, rather than trying to learn and apply the 20+ that you think you should be using. Very large organizations have the resources to fully leverage every marketing tool available, but the vast majority of businesses do not. In fact most of us (I used to) have spent a lot of time driving ourselves crazy by trying to incorporate every social, digital, direct, indirect, print/broadcast, etc.. tool available. We quickly l

Why does great online visibility matter?

In all of the marketing noise, a fundamental truth gets lost: you need to be everywhere your buyers are looking. It’s that simple. If you don’t get on prospects’ radar—particularly when they are ready to make a buying decision, how can you expect to grow and how long can you expect to stay in business? So whatever marketing activities you are engaged in now, ask yourself if they will matter the moment that people are ready to buy. It’s likely that you are not where your buyers are looking. This applies to most SMBs, but also to a surprising number of large organizations we well. And, unless you are operating in an extremely crowded field, buyers very much want to know who you are. Most mark

Counterintuitive Negotiation Tips that Level the Playing Field

It makes sense, right? The person that makes the first offer loses? Not always. In fact, the opposite can be true. Following are 5 things small companies need to know about negotiations that may create an edge. 1. It can be advantageous to make the opening offer. Here’s what the experts say. First of all, most negotiations don’t start with an offer, they start with something far more important, which is each party’s position. There is some advantage to getting the other party to reveal his position first and that’s where you should be focusing your efforts. As far as the offer goes, if you’ve done your homework and you know the market and roughly what the other party is prepared to offe

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