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Specializing in Technology

& Energy Industies

Strong content & powerful visibility that ignites website traffic and drives sales

Why Industry Experience is Important


There is no way to market effectively without understanding the industry and its buyers—this is especially true for highly technical sectors. It’s no small thing and there is no shortcut. 


Marketing employees (and consultants) usually have a fairly short tenure. There are reasons for this.  Research shows that these are the top three (in order):


1.  Doesn’t understand our industry and its market

2.  Poor writing quality

3.  Extra addons and fees (applies to consultants)


And, of course, the result of all this is that the client isn’t seeing a return. To avoid this, it’s important to set agreed on expectations and key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with objectives on day one. We like to include KPIs in our contract.


Lead Generation v. Demand Generation

The biggest trap that marketers fall into is that they put too much effort into demand generation before ensuring that lead generation and customer acquisition processes are in place. We implement basic, effective lead gen campaigns and lead management processes before working our way to long-term awareness and demand gen strategies that are necessary for building your market.


At Smart PR Communications, lead gen starts with consistent discipline in terms of:

  • Having a tool in place for identifying website visitors

  • Creating effective calls to action

  • Thoroughly SEO optimizing the existing website (how else will buyers find you?)

  • Relentlessly generating and publishing optimized content skewed toward buyers

  • Creating and tracking effective emails that drive open and click thru rates

  • Working closely with sales


There is a reason why two of our first three clients have been with us since 2007.


Reaching Technology & Related Services Buyers


To create compelling marketing materials, and most especially, to search optimize those materials and drive website traffic, it is imperative that marketing consultants have a thorough understanding of the industry. This is in addition to the assumption that they can write well, customize content for search and navigate the partner MDF process. The fact is, there aren’t many consultants that can make that claim. We can.


We have been serving the technology industry, including the following sectors since 1997:

  • HPC Developers for Enterprise

  • HPC Developers for the Public Sector

  • Hybrid Cloud Developers

  • Hardware Resellers

  • Software Resellers


Our Industry Partnerships Include:

  • Intel

  • AMD


  • Supermicro


  • Lenovo

  • And more...


Industry Credentials Include:

  • Member Intel Marketing Advisory Panel/Titanium Partner

  • Member MIT Technology Review Global Panel

  • Member Harvard Business Review Advisory Board

  • LinkedIn Marketing Certification

Reaching Industrial Oil & Related Services Buyers


While the Technology sector has always been our primary focus, we also have experience in the Industrial Oil sector. 


We have been serving the lubricants industry, including the following sectors since 2007:

  • Formulators

  • Distributors

  • Condition Monitoring Labs

  • Equipment Manufacturers

  • Research Labs


Industry Credentials Include:

  • Member Society of Tribologists & Lubrication Engineers

  • LinkedIn Marketing Certification

  • Member MIT Technology Review Global Panel

  • Member Harvard Business Review Advisory Board


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