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Weekly Meetings

We always know what to do and you always know what we're doing.

Effective Marketing Moves Fast
We have a standing meeting with every client every week and send the agenda out the day before.  

The Objective
The goal is to go over what happened the week before, where we are all at and what needs to get done before next week's meeting. Because we all have an agenda and have all had a chance to review it before the meeting, any loose ends are usually taken care of by the time we meet.

The agenda allows us to be respectful of the client's time. Meetings last from a few minutes to an hour, depending on what's on the agenda and how much time the client has.

In addition to someone from upper management with decision-making authority, meeting participants usually include someone from marketing and/or sales and interested parties such as a web developer.
Sample Meeting Agenda

In addition to expertise and professionalism, our committment to weekly meetings is a big reason we tend to have long-term clients. 
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