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We run and share analytics every week.

We  Always Know What is and isn't Working
and What to Do About it. 
Marketing plans are great, but without high level metrics run at frequent intervals, they can quickly become irrelevant.
Some marketers are afraid of metrics, for 2 reasons:
1.  They only run metrics when asked--once a quarter or even once a year.  This creates a situation where the damage has been done and the campaign is beyond repair. 
2.  They don't know what to do when the metrics aren't good. Running metrics regularly is a great idea, unless you don't know how to turn negative metrics around quickly.  Knowing how to successfully adjust strategy comes from experience.
We run core client-customized reports every week and drill down on metrics in those reports with additional reports if warranted. We also pass those reports onto clients and discuss them at weekly status meetings. 
Semrush weekly reports include:
  • Keyterm Overview Report
  • Position Tracking Report
  • Site Audit--just to be sure Google is crawling all pages.
  • And in some cases, a Competitor Report to benchmark the client against a competitor--yes, we actually can see what keyterms your competitors are using. 
  • You get a copy of these reports every week.
Sample Semrush reports:
This is a Big Part of What We Do, But By No Means All We Do
We also take care of:
  • Blog posts
  • Web copy
  • Social posts
  • Emails
  • Overall marketing strategy development
  • Media relations, placements, and pitches
Basically everything your marketing department would be doing if you had one or, if you have one--everything they don't have the resources to do.
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Sample Site Audit Issues_Page_2.jpg
Sample Google Ads Report_Page_2.jpg
Sample Google My Business Insights_Page_2.jpg

Advanced Semrush Certifications

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