Building a Quality Brand

Everything that leaves your business should be beautiful in some way. The definition of beautiful is roughly this: possessing qualities that give great sensory pleasure. Going a step further, beauty is resonant—meaning it speaks to something beyond the senses. People seek beauty because it has a connecting quality. For example, a beautiful work of art transcends the canvas and paint, connecting the creative consciousness of the artist with the creative consciousness of the beholder. The same thing happens any time people encounter something truly beautiful—whether it’s a brake rotor or financial software—they connect with it on a visceral level. So it’s vitally important that everything (pr

New Client Questionnaire: Getting Off to a Good Start

When we get a new marketing/communications client, we want to get off to a roaring start. So we set aside an entire day to spend at the client’s site. Most of that day is spent interviewing various administrators and employees using material from the following questionnaire which we have developed over the years. We keep adding and deleting things depending on relevancy. If you want a copy of the formatted questionnaire, just ask and we will send it to you: New Client Questionnaire (Client) Client Specific Questions 1. XX 2. XX Publicity Purpose – We need to: (bold out affirmative responses) Inform people about how to choose, buy and use our product/service

The Basic Marketing Assets Most Small B2Bs Need

If you haven’t engaged in much (or any) marketing before and want to get started, things will go much more smoothly if you have the following basic marketing assets in place. Notice that most if this is either no-cost or low cost: Industry expert available for media interviews Experienced sales team A strong, favorable industry reputation A solid portfolio of satisfied customers Customers willing to participate in a case study Recent customer surveys A workplace that would photograph well A good working relationship with local media Strong community relations Ties to legislators Memberships in trade organizations A website you are proud of An email list of at least 3,000 LinkedIn, Twitter an

Successful SEO is More Art than Science

There are really great tools for help with search optimization—for websites in particular. Because of this, many people have been led to believe that SEO is purely a science. And that makes sense, after all, the entire SEO discipline is dependent on a Google algorithm. These SEO tools are an absolute necessity—but they are not enough. They will take you about 70% there—far enough to optimize your website better than it was, but not far enough to pull ahead of competitors or make a real difference in where your company appears in search results. Many extremely bright people have tried to figure out the algorithm and I suppose they succeed to some extent but by the time they figure it out an

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