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Expertise in Procuring Market Development Funds

From Campaign Proposal to Content Creation to Reimbursement

Creating a Win-Win for Clients & Their Partners
Most  companies, especially those in the technology industry, have channel partners that are eager to co-market and reimburse these efforts with market development funds (MDF).
A surprising amount of this potential revenue is left on the table by most companies. Reasons include: 
  • Not understanding the program-which can be complex
  • Inability to create the content and provide metrics necessary for reimbursement
  • Lack of resources for project completion and follow through
Benefits of MDF Campaigns
  • Significant revenue per quarter from channel partners
  • Increased sales both for your company and channel partners
  • Solidifying relationships with channel partners
Channel Partners Require Quality
MDF campaigns that qualify for reimbursement need to be based on a solid strategy, with high quality content that reflects well on the channel partner. ​​This means strong communications that convey a compelling message. 
And Results
Channel partners with MDF programs are careful with their money. The often unspoken assumption is that they are going to get a tangible benefit from their investment.
While they are always looking at their partners' sales figures, companies with MDF programs  also want to see strong metrics from each campaign. To this end, we focus on project elements for which we know we can produce outstanding proof-of-performance metrics.
What Goes Into A Campaign
MDF campaigns are complicated--that's for sure! In fact, this complexity is the #1 reason most companies don't apply for funds. It's not hard to understand why when you see what goes into a typical campaign: 
  1. Create a campaign proposal
  2. Format the proposal per partner's-usually very complex--requirements
  3. Submit the proposal to the partner
  4. Create the project elements
  5. Review results and record metrics for each element
  6. Create and collate proof-of-performance documents
  7. Submit documents along with metrics at the end of the campaign
  8. Follow through until the client is paid
Throughout all of this, it's necessary to keep track of project approval, start/end dates, element status and completion, etc.
The Good News
We take care of all of this from start to finish. And we have the expertise: we have been working with our clients' channel partners on MDF campaigns for a long time--big partners like Intel, AMD, NVIDIA and Lenovo and smaller partners that want to leverage our clients' marketing resources.
We can generate this revenue for you too!
This is a Big Part of What We Do, But By No Means All We Do
We also take care of:
  • Blog posts
  • Web copy
  • Social posts
  • Emails
  • Overall marketing strategy development
  • Media relations, placements, and pitches
Basically everything your marketing department would be doing if you had one or, if you have one--everything they don't have the resources to do.
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