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Four Content Marketing Predictions from an Expert

1. Media will remain democratized

Blogging has challenged print and online media. Self-publishing has challenged book publishers. Podcasting and YouTube have challenged broadcast media. In the future there will only be increased opportunities for companies to grow their brands by strategically creating content across the media spectrum.

2. AI-generated content will raise the bar

While content marketers should have concerns about AI-generated content, there's little doubt that it has the potential to dramatically reduce the amount of time spent on content generation. By leveraging it correctly it frees content marketers to focus on strategy. To be successful, content marketers will need to produce excellent, timely content; unique examples; original research; novel ideas; and compelling, authentic, and trustworthy voices. Of all of those factors, trust will be the most powerful.

3. Generative AI will replace some SEO traffic

Another complication caused by generative AI is that, instead of getting their questions answered by searching and then going to various websites, people will increasingly get answers directly from ChatGPT, Bard, etc. Search will remain powerful for brands that invest enough in creating enough unique and valuable content so that they become a trusted resource.

4. Email marketing will remain strong

It’s still smart to build your marketing program on platforms where you control the data and content distribution. That means hosting content on your website or blog, and then focusing your audience-building around membership and subscribers. But don’t forget about Email marketing. It has evolved dramatically mainly because of the stiff competition between CRMs. Today it can cross multiple channels and provide customer data that you just can’t get anywhere else.

Many of the insights in the post are from an excellent Marketing Profs post by Chad S. White that may be available here:

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