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A Smart Way to Develop Strong Blog Posts

Let’s start with the premise that it takes 1-1/2-2 hours to write a blog post. One of the unspoken difficulties with content creation is that is does require expertise. This means that someone especially valuable at a company would need to spend time creating blog posts, webpage copy, etc. This is not spare time that most company experts have and, even if they did, management would not want them wasting their valuable time on blog posts. Consider a computer engineer: very qualified to right an insightful blog post, but almost certainly very valuable and VERY busy.

Most content-marketing solution providers recognize this and do propose workarounds, like reposting, rewriting, etc. This may work for a couple of posts, but if you do this very often, blog users will lose interest. That strategy is not sustainable.

What is sustainable is working with a content-focused marketing consultant that has a thorough understanding of your industry. This consultant should have the ability to do the following on their own:

1. Come up with topics that the client’s market is interested in.

2. Create a content framework for each blog post.

3. Create a list of 3-5 questions that can either be answered via email or a quick phone conference.

4. Put the post together.

5. SEO optimize it.

5. Send the draft for review, finalize it, choose an image and publish it on the client’s blog.

This reduces the amount of time required by company experts to about 20 minutes (15 minutes to reply to the questions, 5 minutes to review and approve the post.

It’s a good system that we have been using with our technology clients for several years. The result is valuable blog content the company’s customers and prospects value and—very important—that puts the client in search results for terms they need to drive website traffic and sales.

So this method only works if:

1. The consultant is very familiar with the industry (technology in our case).

2. The consultant knows how to use high level SEO tools

We qualify on both counts


For a no cost discussion of your situation, some great tools that may work for you, the quality traffic we can drive to your website via content creation, and lead identification call 630-363-8081 or email


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