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4 Obvious Indicators of a Quality Organization

Most companies are giving their employees this Friday and Monday off because Christmas Eve and Christmas fall on the weekend. Guess what customers and prospects think about companies whose employees are working on those days? Read on.

When we say that certain people have quality what we mean is that they have impeccable manners, demonstrate good taste, are well groomed, and accomplish all of this consistently---these traits are obvious. Not surprisingly, these same 4 traits that indicate obvious quality in a person also indicate quality in an organization. Clients and prospects notice.

1. Manners

This includes professionalism and consideration. Quality people and quality organizations treat everyone with respect. They learn and follow the rules of etiquette and they bend over backward to avoid offending anyone. Organizations that want to maintain an aura of quality with a simple, inexpensive gesture send thank-you emails and handwritten notes.

People often think of organizational manners as the way companies treat their customers. But your customers are also very interested in the way you treat your employees. And guess what they really think of companies that stay open until 5 p.m. on Christmas Eve?

2. Good Taste

Think refinement and elegance. A prime example is signage. Would you call your outdoor signage tasteful and well-maintained? This goes double for your website--is it professional and well-maintained?. Doing business with a refined company makes everyone feel better about themselves.

3. Appearance

This is the physical face of your organization---apparent in advertising, marketing, packaging, facilities, and personal grooming. Among the 4 aspects of quality this is one that most often falls through the cracks---downhill changes in appearance are often so incremental that employees and administrators don’t notice.

Even with more interactions happening remotely, chances are that some people you want to impress will visit your place of business at one time or another. Even if they don't, they will notice a messy background on a Zoom call.

Any lapse in appearance, whether it’s poor facility maintenance or misaligned website text, sends the message that this isn’t an organization that cares about details.

4. Consistency

Quality organizations accomplish the first 3 items consistently and they have measures in place to ensure that things continue that way into perpetuity. Any organization can launch a quality campaign for a few weeks or even a few months. But an organization that is truly a quality organization, has a long-term commitment to providing a first-rate experience for both customers and employees.

As far as the bottom line goes, consumers will only pay for value that they perceive. You need to make it your business to see that consumers perceive, not only the value in your products and services, but the value in your organization.

Make this your mantra:

Everything that represents my company will be exceptional in some way.


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