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The Top 3 PR Service Features Clients Want the Most

Research shows that the following (in order) are the top 3 service features companies want most from their PR consultants (and apparently aren’t getting-because failure to deliver on one or more is the most common reason for firing PR consultants):

1. A Good Understanding of Your Business

Your PR firm needs a good understanding of your industry, the market and who your clients and prospects are and they need to have the capacity to get up to speed quickly. This gets to be a problem with larger PR firms who are constantly changing their client’s reps. The client ends up spending an enormous amount of time educating new PR reps.

2. Excellent Writing Quality

Writing quality is most likely one of your primary considerations. Without that, nothing else matters much. Think of it this way, if your PR firm is in charge of your public-facing presence, what does poor writing quality say about your company?

3. Straightforward Billing

Most PR consultants bill on a monthly retainer basis and add in a list of extra fees each month. When that happens, the retainer arrangement is really just a bait and switch. Be sure your contract includes language defining what’s extra and be sure there is a ceiling on unapproved additions.

At Smart PR Communications, our clients don’t have problems with any of this: they expect and receive business and industry knowledge; outstanding writing quality; and a monthly bill that only very rarely includes an extra charge.

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