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Why Don’t Your Engaged Website Visitors Contact You?

If your technology company is like most, you are getting a decent amount of website traffic and engagement stats are above average. You are also getting a lot of traffic to your Contact Us page, but almost no one fills out the form, sends an email or calls. This is frustrating, especially if your marketing team is doing everything right and your site traffic is continually climbing. Following are some common roadblocks and ways to remove them.


·         Website Usability: Ensure your website is easy to navigate and that users can find the contact page without difficulty. The tab should read “Contact Us” not anything ambiguous like “Find Out More”

·         Contact Information: Make sure your contact information is prominently displayed on every page. It’s best to place it in both the header and footer of the page template.

·         Case Studies, Testimonials and Reviews: These items are much more important to website visitors than you think. Display links directly to these items on your home page.

·         Call to Action: On your Contact Us page, include strong and clear CTAs that guide visitors on what to do next; for example, "Contact Us Now to Get Started" or "Get a Free Quote Now" not just “Contact Us.”  

·         Load Speed: Ensure your website loads quickly. Slow websites can frustrate users and cause them to leave. The biggest contributors to slow load speed are videos and graphics.

·         Broken Links: Regularly check for and fix any broken links that could prevent users from reaching your contact page. Links can break without you being aware it’s happened.

·         Follow-Up: With a little ingenuity, you can ID visitors and get contact information You can also get a list of most engaged email recipients from your CRM (those who regularly click thru emails to your website). So, follow up with a personal email (there is no such thing as mass personalization).


Marketing success is rarely due to one lucky break.  Great marketers know that it’s a matter of choosing the right mix of things (based on metrics) that each work a little bit on their own and together create a powerful synergy. It’s the same here. Optimize everything to get website visitors to take the next step and contact you.

For a no cost discussion of your situation and how we can leverage metrics-based marketing to grow your business call 630-363-8081 or email


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