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The Basic Marketing Assets Most Small B2Bs Need

If you haven’t engaged in much (or any) marketing before and want to get started, things will go much more smoothly if you have the following basic marketing assets in place. Notice that most if this is either no-cost or low cost:

  • Industry expert available for media interviews

  • Experienced sales team

  • A strong, favorable industry reputation

  • A solid portfolio of satisfied customers

  • Customers willing to participate in a case study

  • Recent customer surveys

  • A workplace that would photograph well

  • A good working relationship with local media

  • Strong community relations

  • Ties to legislators

  • Memberships in trade organizations

  • A website you are proud of

  • An email list of at least 3,000

  • LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts

  • A Google Analytics account

There will be other marketing assets that your particular company needs and some of this won’t apply to you. You may want to create a list like this of your own before you bring someone on board for marketing. If you don’t have some of these items, while you are interviewing potential marketing candidates, ask if they can create them for you.

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