How Tech Companies Can Overcome Confirmation Bias with Smart Branding

You have more leverage in your market than you think. Assuming that the basics are in place, the key to success for any small to mid-sized business in a competitive industry is what marketing expert Philip Taggart calls the competitive wedge. By this he means the differentiator that allows you to get your foot in the door and use it as leverage to open the door continuously wider. He writes, “…it is vital for each company to strive for an individualized image…every effort should be made to determine what about the company is distinctive or can be made distinctive.” He goes on to say that this ability and the ability to construct a support program around it is the mark of a truly great PR/

How Tech Companies Can Get More MDF Money

Always bear in mind that the endgame for MDF (market development funds) is at least lead generation and, depending on the channel partner, maybe sales. In other words, think like the MDF provider. They want you to be successful. First of all, many people use the terms “MDF” and “Co-Op Funds” interchangeably, but this is incorrect. The primary difference between the two is when they are requested and disbursed. Co-op Marketing Funds Defined: Co-op funds are given after sales have taken place—they are a sales incentive and are accrued as a percentage of prior sales. Vendors who provide co-op marketing funds usually make them available to most, if not all channel partners. But the vendor often

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