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Five PR Methods for Lead Generation

Following are a few great PR-based B2B lead generation best practices from the B2B PR Sense blog (see the attached infographic for specific ways that PR nurtures the sales funnel):

1. Media Releases:

Issue a media release to announce an offer and reach a much wider audience. The release should highlight what makes this offer stand out from others in the industry. How will it help your audience to reach their goals? Include a call to action that will point prospects to a lead generation landing page where they can download your offer. One caveat here; if there is an advertising aspect to this and no real news involved, don’t expect mainstream print publications to run it.

2. Case Studies & Testimonials

The proof is in the past customer experiences. Seeing specific ways that your brand has helped customers overcome challenges or reach goals bolsters your credibility. When they see what you’ve done in the past they can better imagine what you will do for them in the future. Both print and video testimonials are great.

3. Awards & Mentions

Set up a page on your website to highlight your accomplishments. Dedicate a section to your awards and accolades and another to media outlets that have featured your brand. Once you’ve set up your web page, you have prime real estate to feature your offer with attractive calls to action.

4. Events

Have an event on the horizon? Whether it is online or in-person, events are a great way to connect with your audience and convert attendees into leads. . Set up an event page on your website -- or even a separate website just for your event. Include all the details about the event and your role in it. On this webpage, include a call to action that leads to a lead generation landing page with a related offer.

5. Social Media

Social media is an ideal place for people at all stages of the buyer’s journey to gain exposure to your brand. Engagement like this helps to lay the groundwork for future lead generation. After they’ve seen your brand a few times, they will see for themselves that you’re a trusted expert in your industry.

The full post is available at the B2B PR Sense Blog:

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