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What Can Small Tech Companies Expect from Public Relations?

So you’re interested in public relations, but you aren’t really sure how it can specifically help your business. Depending on your goals and the quality of the overall program, PR will:

  • Dramatically improve your visibility both immediately and long term

  • Pull sales out of a slump

  • Strengthen your relationships with clients

  • Convince prospects to buy

  • Uncover new prospects

  • Increase search engine rank

  • Support a product launch or marketing effort

  • Reposition a mature product

  • Develop and strengthen your brand

  • Position your company as a leader

  • Provide instant feedback on your products/services

  • Communicate key information to employees

  • Further your organization’s policies and goals

  • Deliver leads

Now, delivering leads has traditionally not been the responsibility of public relations consultants. And if your public relation consultant is doing a great job with everything else, there is already a lot of heavy lifting going on. Delivering leads is a nice value add and not an unreasonable expectation though.

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