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Marketing Advice for Small Tech Companies: The Mark of a True Marketing Expert

Assuming that the basics are in place (meaning an excellent product and a target market that wants it), the key to success for any small to mid-sized tech business is marketing expertise; the ability to develop a strong differentiator and construct a support program around it.

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to see a master marketer in action, it’s a thing of beauty. I’m not talking about business school academics and authors. I’m talking about veteran marketers with decades of experience. They are never flustered, never confused, never scattered. They immediately know exactly what to do in every situation and nearly always pick the best solution. They know marketing tools change frequently, but theory rarely does.

A seasoned marketer can spend a day at any organization and tell executives specifically what they need to do to differentiate in a way that will create a true competitive advantage. Marketing ideas are useless without execution and follow up. The mark of a great marketer is the ability to generate great ideas, collaborate, create a strategy, execute and analyze. If you have one of these marketers at your organization—hang onto him or her like grim death.

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