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What Buyers are Looking for in Websites

Not all B2B Buyers’ Surveys are created equal, but this one by Demand Gen/Demand Base on how buyers use your website is excellent. The bottom line is that ranking in search results is critical. Here are a couple of takeaways:

The Top 3 things buyers are hoping your website will provide:

· Easy access to relevant content that speaks directly to their company (No. 1 for primary decision makers and internal influencers, No. 2 for researchers);

· Easy access to pricing and competitive information (No. 1 for researchers, No. 2 for primary decision makers and internal influencers); and

· Content that spoke directly to and demonstrated expertise around the needs of the organization’s specific industry (No. 3 across the board)

All three groups agreed that the first step of the buying process was conducting anonymous research (41% overall),followed by developing an informal list of vendors (15% overall) and rounded out with preliminary information on cost (10%).

Noticeably missing from primary decision makers’, researchers’ and influencers’ preferences was speaking with a vendor’s representative (19% overall), indicating that tech influencers and end-users have stronger preferences in this area.

When ask what were the first three resources were that informed them about the solution in question,

56% said a web search; 39% said vendor websites; and 35% said peers/colleagues. Once engaged with the vendor, pricing was the most important ultimate purchase factor however features/functions and ease of deployment and use were not far behind.

Read the full survey results here:

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