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Four Myths about Marketing for Tech Companies

MYTH 1: Hiring a marketing consultant is a waste of money for most startups.

An experienced marketing consultant will generate interest throughout a network of channels. However, you need to make sure that you can onboard and convert whoever finds your product or service. The issue with marketing is that: when your product is not ready or you don’t have your onboarding straight, you’re going to lose prospective customers.

MYTH 2: Marketing is not rocket science.

It’s not hard to get new customers here and there, but only consistency leads to success. Marketing professionals know how to sustain interest. Marketing mastery takes time, dedication, passion, ongoing learning, etc., just like any other field.

MYTH 3: Marketing is for generalists.

While a comprehensive and effective marketing strategy spans channels, influencers, content, digital, traditional, analysis, etc., most agencies and consultants specialize in one area and cover the bases in the rest.

MYTH 4: A $10K a month agency will not do much more for you than a freelancer or small firm.

Larger marketing agencies have access to tools that are financially out of reach of smaller agencies and consultants—mostly because of economies of scale. The downside is that you are going to be spending somewhere between 80%-200% more. On the other hand, consultants offer personal service and consistency—you will likely have the same account rep that knows your business well, for a long time. When choosing a marketing consultant, you need to look at scope, experience, and other factors.

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