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Blog Post Marketing for Small Businesses

So, blog posts are one of the components of our Core Marketing Solution for Very Small Businesses. They are the most efficient way to create and publish the content on your website that is crucial for driving organic search results and website traffic. You could accomplish the same thing by creating new webpages, but they take much longer to produce and will end up creating a logjam of content on your site at some point.

Google looks at each blog post as a separate entity—just as they do with webpages. So, you can choose different key term-optimized metatags (titles and descriptions) for each page.

You are probably starting to see content that is obviously AI generated on some websites now, which is a mistake. If it looks obvious to you, it’s even more obvious to Google. This doesn’t mean you can’t use AI content-generation tools, though. A good strategy is to use AI content generation to get started (to avoid a blank slate).

If you want quality blog post content, most likely you will end up editing out about 75% of the AI generated content and rewriting much of the rest, but you will still have a starting point. Use the content you have left to build out the post—relying on your own expertise, other sources, and archived, but relevant content you already have on the subject. Cross link to other pages on your site and add a link to another site or two-especially sites like Design Rush . that will link back to you. Avoid doing a Google search to get more content—AI content generation tools are already doing that. Instead, pick 1-2 generally reliable sources like Wikipedia and consider including the source in a footnote (adding credibility to the post).

Every blog post needs an image—be sure you add alt text to the image so that you get extra key term credit from Google for the image.

The length of the post doesn’t matter that much, but I would say at least 400 words. The more important thing is that the post is relevant and interesting for prospects in your market—that it was worth their time. The content doesn’t have to be riveting, one insightful AHA moment will keep readers coming back.

Driving traffic by adding content is essential and the smartest way to do that is with valuable blog posts. But it isn’t the only thing necessary to get your website in search results (more on that in a later blog post).

For a no cost discussion of your situation and how we can leverage metrics-based marketing to grow your business call 630-363-8081 or email


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