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Our Core Solution

Digital marketing services designed to be results-driven and cost-effective.

1.  Blog Posts: 2/Month

Description: 300-500 words each; keyterm optimized

Purpose: To create the content necessary to drive organic search results and website traffic.


2.  Emails: 2/Month

Description: Strategically written and formatted for maximum open and click thru rates.

Purpose: To create interest, drive website traffic and capture leads.

3.  Media Releases: 1/Month

Description: 400-500 words each; distributed through digital news service to major outlets and news aggregators.

Purpose: For visibility in news results, especially Google News, but more importantly to create crucial backlinks to the client's site. 

Note: Backlinks (volume and quality) are Google's top determinant of a website's value--which affects both organic and paid traffic. Legitimate, high-quality backlinks are very difficult to secure. There are services that will place backlinks embedded in contextual material, but they are expensive. One backlink, which won't do much on its own, can cost $200 or more. A single strategically written/distributed media release can generate anywhere from 2-10 backlinks. 

4.  Lead ID: Daily/Weekly

Description: Tool that will capture at least the names of organizations, and in some case the name of the visitor

Purpose: This has a number of purposes. For example, it will pick up some email recipients that went to the website without clicking on a link or button in the email itself. None of these tools are perfect and will miss many visitors, but they are an excellent way to connect marketing to sales for lead purposes.

5.  Website Optimization: Continuous

Description: After initial site-wide search optimization--page tags, descriptions, etc., continuous update of website to reflect changes in industry trends, client preferences, analytics research, etc.

Purpose: To ensure that the organization is continuously maximizing online visibility, growing its site visitor count, and converting visitors.

6.  Analytics Reports: Weekly/Monthly

Description: These are the reports we regularly run for clients. There are other reports that we can run if we see a marketing-related issue.

Purpose: So that we know how we are doing, and more importantly, so that the client knows how they are doing. Running these reports often uncovers an issue that, once we know about it, can be resolved quickly. Having these metrics also allows us to pivot expeditiously if something isn’t working and double down on what is working.


Website Overview: Weekly

Description: Components of this report include: Organic Search Summary week-over-week and month-over-month; Google Analytics Overview week-over-week and month-over-month; Google Search Console Performance Stats week-over-week and month-over-month; Keyword Rankings showing the source and week-over-week change; Keyterm Position Tracking Summary showing number of keyterms in Top 3, Top 10, Top 20 and Top 100 search results—also shows number of improved v. declined keyterms week-over-week. Basic Site Health statistics, including pages with broken links or missing code

Purpose: An excellent overview of progress week-over-week and month-over-month.


Key Term Position Tracking: Weekly

Description: Compares entire list of organization’s keyterms week-over-week and month- over month in terms of position in search results; traffic volume each is driving to the website; current Google Ad cost-per-click for each term (for comparison purposes); and number of improved v. declined keyterms.

Purpose: To gauge which keyterms are declining and need to be boosted with fresh blog post content; along with tracking progress week-over-week and month-over-month.


Competitor Report: Weekly

Description: Each week, the client chooses a competitor for direct comparison. Components of this report include: Organic Search Summary; Branded v. Non-Branded traffic; Organic Search Trends; the Top Organic Keyterms the Competitor is using; the Top Backlinks pointing to the competitor’s website; Paid Search Summary; Paid Search Traffic Volume over time; the Top Search Terms the competitor is paying for; a snapshot of the actual Google Ads the competitor has run in recent years; a summary of traffic for the client’s top 5 competitors.

Purpose: To see what the competitor is doing and replicate what appears to be successful. This is also an excellent indicator of the overall health of the competitor’s organization..


Site Audit: Monthly/As Needed

Description: We run this at least once a month to catch any issues that affect the functioning of the client’s website. We will also run a site audit any time we see an issue on one of the other reports that needs investigating and any time a client requests an audit. Components of the report include Site Health Overview (errors, warnings, notices); and Top Issues. In addition, the analytics platform is continually running site audits. If it detects a serious issue, it will immediately send us an email with details.

Purpose: To stay on top of the website’s health and catch any issues early before they become a problem.


7.  Status Meetings: Weekly

Description: Client attendees at these fast-paced meetings typically include a decision maker and someone from sales. The day before each meeting, we send the client the weekly analytics reports and an agenda—which the client can add to. These meetings usually last 15-30 minutes.

Purpose: To discuss what was accomplished in the previous week and what needs to be accomplished in the next week. We also go over the analytics reports, so that the client has a clear idea of progress and any issues that need their attention. This is an excellent consulting opportunity for the client.

8.  Misc. 

Description: Time permitting, one-off projects such as articles and case studies--as agreed upon with client in advance. 

Purpose: To take care of niche projects not otherwise specified.



As a separate solution, for clients without the necessary

marketing foundation in place we will first develop the marketing

infrastructure necessary for success.


Establish Marketing Infrastructure

  • Full day site visit

  • Complete New Client Questionnaire w/client

  • Create marketing plan

  • Consolidate/create email lists

  • Set up analytics

  • Set up email account

  • Set up lead ID tools

  • Work with developer to set up blog

  • Review and assess current materials, including photos

  • Create boilerplate

  • Tag existing webpages with titles and descriptions (up to a total of 30 pages).

Custom Solutions Available

  Contact us for a price list.



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