Five Brand Building Essentials for Small Technology Companies

From the buyer’s perspective, the brand is both a shortcut and an insurance policy. It assures that they can expect certain qualities from a product or service and it frees them from doing much (or any) investigation themselves. This is why people in a hurry are more likely to choose brands they know. While this is true for low-ticket items, it’s surprisingly true for high ticket items as well---especially if those items are complex. Badgered on all sides to make a purchase decision on complicated technology and having few resources to verify claims, risk-averse decisions makers will go with the well branded products and services every time. The lesson for businesses with unbranded or poorl

Misconceptions about Click-Thru Rate

For a long time, the holy grail of email statistics has been click-thru rate. The idea being that anyone that goes to the website is more likely to do something. However, for most B2Bs, focusing exclusively on click-thru rate leaves a much more valid statistic on the table: multiple opens. So there are some reasons that a B2B may want an email recipient to go to their site: 1. To buy something directly—only applies for ecommerce sites. 2. To make a stronger case for contacting the B2B than can be made in an email. In the first case, nearly all B2Bs with sites that have ecommerce capabilities and that are selling high-end products (more expensive than the average consumer product); require

What a Good PR Consultant Will Tell You

The following is from a great post: Things Your PR Firm Should Tell You (That You May Not Want To Hear) by Richard Etchison at Crenshaw Communications. The fortunes of a company and its PR agency are inextricably linked, and a good PR team must have the confidence and courage to deliver bad news when necessary. A good PR agency tells you when: You Don’t Have a Brand: Most businesses with a weak brand recognize it, but just don’t know what to do about it. If the story isn’t compelling and different, the PR team needs to say so. The PR agency brings valuable objectivity and experience to the table, and a good team will collaborate on defining and fleshing out the brand. Your Brand is Holding y

Getting Things Done When Everyone’s Gone

There are three times every year when most businesses empty out:: Winter holidays: The week before Thanksgiving, the weeks before and after Christmas and the week after New Years The weeks before and after Easter Late July and early August If you’re at work during these times, you’ve noticed that, without all the meetings and interruptions, you get a lot of work done. But on the other hand, it’s frustrating when the people you collaborate with daily are gone. So here are some tips for forging ahead when your fellow forgers are on vacay. 1. Plan Ahead Schedule and complete your people dependent projects for times when people are likely to be around and stockpile your alone projects to work

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