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The Current State of AI Generated Content

AI generated content will almost surely be a gamechanger, but that may not happen for a year or more. Right now, Microsoft (ChatGPT) and Google (Bard) are vying for dominance.

While Google is very close to launching Bard, Open AI’s ChatGPT has been widely used in some circles (students) for almost 2 years. It was only after the alliance with and backing by Microsoft that ChatGPT suddenly became mainstream.

We don’t know what Google Bard or MS ChatGPT will do with advertising (how they will monetize these tools). We also don’t know how Bard will complement Chrome—i.e. will Bard be an option or will it eventually replace Chrome? What will happen to the search format that we have all come to know and love? So, as enticing as this technology is, there are issues.

Current Limitations

1. If you have been using ChatGPT, the limitations are pretty obvious. You have no way of knowing the source of the material (except where it is cited) and you have no way of knowing if the information is accurate. So essentially, if you are using this responsibly for business, research and/or academic purposes, you need to fact check everything.

2. Very little of the content is usable as is; most of it needs to be rewritten—which is OK—it’s always easier to start with a foundation and rewrite than start from scratch. It’s also a good way to create an outline.

3. Google’s policy of penalizing duplicate content hasn’t changed. Google has said that it will treat content it detects as AI-generated the same all other duplicate content. This is a big deal!

There are tools for users to detect AI-generated content. This means you can always generate the content, rewrite it and run it through the tool to see if it is detectable. Open AI’s tool is called “The Classifier.” If you read the Open AI disclaimer about Classifier, you’ll see that it does have limitations.

Usually, when there is a big trend like this, my tactic is to wait for the tidal wave to recede and make it a point to be the first person to see what’s left on the beach. I’m not sure this is the right way to go this time. BTW, Open AI offers a lot more than ChatGPT—it’s worth checking out their site.

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