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SEO Statistics You Need to Know

The following is from an excellent article on 2021 SEO statistics by Chintan Zalani at Elite Content Marketer. The full article and an infographic are available here: /

Stats About Google

1. Google owned 91.38% of the global search engine market share as of December 2020. It has hovered around 90% for a decade now.

2. Google relies on a series of algorithms with numerous factors in its ranking systems. On its “How Search Algorithms Work” page, the company shares these broad categories for its key factors:

· Meaning of the query

· Relevance of webpages

· Quality of content

· Usability of webpages

· Context and settings

3. “Why” question-based queries dominated the year 2020.

4. In an Ahrefs study, 90.63% of pages were found to get no search traffic from Google.

5. In a Backlinko study of 5M search results less than 1% of searchers clicked on a result on the second page.

Backlinks and Keywords Stats

Links from other websites (backlinks) count as a “vote” for a website and are among the top ranking factors. Google’s algorithms have long relied on them to rank web pages, yet they have been the Achilles heel for many brands. Keywords, on the other hand, have matured in the role they play in an SEO strategy. Here are some top link stats and facts about keywords:

1. Ahrefs found that over 66% of pages have no links. Given that more links mean more organic traffic. It’s no wonder that over 90% of pages get no organic traffic from Google.

2. Close to 3/4 of domains were found to have reciprocal links — meaning two websites linked to each other—this build links and is important.

3. About 61% of all searches use16% of the keywords that get the most traffic. Financially, these key terms are going to be well beyond the pay-per-click reach of most SMBs. But that’s OK. In fact, it may actually work in their favor.

4. Approximately 8% of searches are phrased as a question.

Mobile Search Statistics

1. Per Hitwise, mobile accounts for 58% of all Google searches.

2. Search Metrics found that Google shows an average of only 8.5 organic mobile search results on page.

3. The average organic CTR of the first Google mobile search result is 26.9%.

4. Jumpshot data from 2017 also found the following about Google mobile searches:

  • 40.9% of searches result in an organic click,

  • 2% in a paid click and,

  • 57.1% in no click at all.

5. SEO has approximately 20X more traffic opportunities than PPC (on both mobile and desktop).

6. Of all the mobile searches, 30% are location-related and 28% of searches for something nearby also result in a purchase.

YouTube And Video SEO Stats

The Jumpshot data from 2017 referred to earlier found that 1.8% of clicks on Google search go to YouTube. As the internet gets more visual, Google has also been integrating more videos in its results. Posts with videos get 3x more inbound links than a plain text post. Here are a few more YouTube SEO and video stats in this section:

1. A Social Media Examiner survey found that YouTube video is the number one video channel used by marketers—however, only 1.8% of all Google search clicks go to YouTube.

2. A Backlinko analysis of 1.3 million YouTube videos found that the number of comments, view count, number of shares, and number of likes had a strong correlation with higher YouTube rankings.

3. Pew Research found that YouTube recommendations tend to point towards progressively longer content.

4. Integrating videos into existing articles that come up in search can lead to increased time on page and more subscribers:

Just looking at these statistics can be discouraging for smaller businesses that just don’t have the marketing budget to compete with larger companies for pay-per-click terms. The good news is that a high level organic strategy that is nurtured and maintained will beat out these competitors for a fraction of the cost.

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