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Effective Calls to Action (CTAs)

A call to action (CTA) is what you would like your email recipients to do next. The value propositions in your email may be well supported, but without a CTA, those elements may leave readers asking the next step to take. Conversely, a well-written and tailored CTA can increase clickthrough rates 30-35%. Ultimately the benefit of a strong CTA is in increase in leads:

A great CTA must be written with purpose. Consider the following factors when drafting a CTA.

· What motivated me to compose this email?

· Why have you reached out to these recipients?

· How do you want to meet them? Would you rather chat via phone or Skype?

· Do you want them to give you feedback, share your material online, etc.?

· Do you want them to click a link in your email and access your website or landing page?

· Do you want prospects to sign up for a free trial?

One CTA revision that I am experimenting with now and that, so far, is proving valuable is to give the reader the option of a quick phone call/email to answer a few questions without having to set up a sales appointment. This is basically what my CTA looks like now:

Give us a quick call to answer a few questions,

if we seem like a good fit, we can set up a sales call at that time.

Much of the following above from an excellent Marketing Profs article by John B. Martyn located here:

For a no cost discussion of your situation, some great tools that may work for you and the volume of quality traffic we can drive to your website via content creation and organic search call 630-363-8081 or email


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