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Best Use of Social Media for B2B Technology Companies

Focusing on just the big 3—LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, following are some suggestions for maximizing the impact.

· LinkedIn: This is by far and away the most valuable tool for most technology-related B2Bs. In fact, many (including me) consider this the Facebook for business. It is important to post regularly with information that is relevant to your audience. The length of the post doesn’t matter as much as its usefulness--most people are happy with one insight. While LinkedIn ads and sponsored posts are relatively expensive, they deliver results. The other nice thing is that LinkedIn has personal support for maximizing the impact of paid campaigns. Another, more time-consuming option is to develop a strategy for ranking organically in LinkedIn. To me, the smartest option is a good balance of organic and paid.

· Twitter: This is an excellent tool for connecting with other attendees prior to, during and just after events. Most event coordinators provide Twitter networking tools—at least an event handle. Other than events, it’s a good idea to post at least once a week just so your clients and prospects continue to see your company as energized and active.

· Facebook: Many B2Bs ignore Facebook completely and this is a mistake. It is an excellent way to stay connected with individual clients and prospects on a personal level. As with Twitter and LinkedIn, it is important to post at least once a week. As far as paid options, Facebook is less expensive than LinkedIn, but the results may be disappointing.

There are many more great social media tools for B2Bs, including Instagram. However for busy marketers, results tend to come from one of the above three sources. Real success comes from mastering and fully leveraging them

Just a quick note about followers: to me, followers, by themselves, have limited marketing potential. However, if you want your company to appear big and “in the game” your follower count is important. There are a lot of creative ways to effortlessly increase that metric.

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