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Best Digital Marketing Ideas That Work

The following is from an excellent Growth Strategies 101 article called: The Most Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for B2B Businesses.

1. Set up Retargeting Ads

With retargeting, ads are shown to people who previously interacted with a website. Advertisers often spend aggressively on retargeting because they understand that a person who visits their platform is most likely a lead. Once they leave your site, it’s unlikely that they will ever return, regardless of how interested they were in your business. Retargeting helps you recapture their attention. Google Ads is a retargeting platform.

2. Search Engine Optimization

A well optimized website should appear on the first page of Google results for many terms. A site that is not optimized is unlikely to get any SEO traffic. Ideally, your B2B company website should appear on the first page for search queries that are related to your business.

3. Blog Posts

A blog a great way to fill your site with relevant content that can rank on Google and help you generate traffic. It can also be a way to establish yourself as an authority and build credibility around your business.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing still has one of the highest conversion rates out of all B2B digital marketing tactics.

As your site keeps generating traffic through PPC ads and SEO, your email list will also keep growing simultaneously. B2B customers are mostly interested in learning about how a product or service can help improve their business. If you can communicate that in your emails, then you will be able to convert them into actual leads.

5. Social Media

About 75% of B2B buyers interact with social media when making a purchase. Social media is great for growing a following that consists of people who might be interested in your business. You can easily introduce your marketing messages to them through your posts.

6. Marketing Automation

Marketing consists of many repetitive activities such as managing online campaigns, Google Analytics, social media platforms, email, etc. Doing all these activities at the same time can be extremely tedious.

Automation is a great way to delegate repetitive tasks to dedicated software.

7. Target Decision Makers on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a platform for building professional connections. A lot of its users include people who are responsible for making purchase decisions for their companies, including purchase managers, marketing managers and business owners. You can use the platform to find the key decision makers of companies in your target niche. LinkedIn allows you to search for people based on their job title, the company they work for, and location.

8. Join Industry Groups and Forums

Social media groups and forums are great for networking with like-minded people, learning about the latest industry trends, and most importantly, establishing new business leads. You can find niche groups on LinkedIn by simply searching for the industry name.

9. Host Webinars

Webinars are a great way to bring together people who are likely to have some interest in your business.

You can host webinars on any trendy and insightful topics that are likely to generate curiosity. Make sure to start promoting your webinars weeks in advance to give people enough time to plan to attend. You can run promotional ads on LinkedIn, and also send invitations to your email list.

These digital marketing strategies provide a good place to start or serve as reminders for things that have worked in the past. Read the full article at:


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