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AI and Email Optimization

AI-based tools can have a dramatic effect on the success of emails. They can optimize subject lines, write automated and customized content that uses keywords geared toward the target audience, segment contacts by their requirements, determine what time an email needs to be sent, retarget clients, and more. They can also assess email strategies and determine what works best.

Three AI-based email marketing tools worth exploring are:

  • Phrasee: Can create high-performing content across the customer lifecycle; automate a/b/n testing and content experimentation; generate performance data and language insights through an intuitive dashboard. It can also accurately predict which content will resonate the most with your audience.

  • Zetaglobal: This lead tool can identify your best customers as well as your top prospects across channels and devices. It recognizes everyone as an individual—enabling you to deliver the right email offer at the right time.

  • Seventh Sense: This email delivery optimization system is designed for HubSpot and Marketo. It optimizes emails using AI--relying on HubSpot and Marketo to deliver emails and provide familiar reporting capabilities.

So there are other email-related AI tools out there and more are being developed every day. Eventually the CRM you are using now will incorporate AI in some way. Exploring the 3 mentioned above will give you a sense of what they can currently do; basically optimize content for subject lines, email body, calls to action, etc.; use CRM data to identify leads; and power existing tools such as HubSpot and Marketo.

For a no cost discussion of your situation and how we can leverage metrics-based content development to grow your business call 630-363-8081 or email


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