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Company and Brand Names for Technology Companies

Every business wants to connect with and appeal to an audience of potential customers. One way to do that is with a memorable business/brand name. Here are six name trends currently popular among startups and new businesses.

1. 'This and That' Names

This and That names are just what it sounds like: brand names composed of two words, usually nouns, to form a striking mental image. You may have heard of Rag and Bone or Cloth and Stone. To get in on this trend, pick two short words that create a sense of tension or intrigue when paired together.

2. Human Names as Brand Names

A growing number of startups are putting on personable faces by christening their apps, platforms, software, and more with human names. Oscar, Winnie, Earny, Alexa, and Leo are just a few examples. Brands are embracing it as a way to find a name that is available, memorable, and short. The bonus of this name trend is that it helps brands seem approachable, friendly, and personable.

3. Compound Names

As more brands search for available business names, they are coming up with creative compound names made of two short words. For example, Crowdstrike is a cybersecurity technology company that provides protection against cybersecurity threats. The name generates a unified sense of power and protection.

4. Visual Names

Because a name is meant to connect with an audience and stick in their minds, an effective way to do that is to create a name that evokes a striking image that sticks in the audience's head. Two examples are Apple and Red Hat. Visual names tend to be memorable because the image creates a visual story in someone's head. Visual names, as long as they use relevant or intriguing terms, have the power to tell a story and stick in people's minds.

5. Negative-Turned-Positive Names

A budding trend in startup names is selecting traditionally negative words to use as a brand name, spinning it into something positive. A recognizable use of a negative-turned-positive name is Slack. This Cloud-based software of team collaboration tools takes a word you don't want to hear in the work environment and turns it positive. There is also a coffee shop in Minneapolis called “Jitters”.

A name should function as a tool to support a brand's development. It should resonate with an audience and set a solid foundation for a brand to build on.

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