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Happy Mother’s Day! Turns out Moms are Natural PR Pros!

The following is from a PR Fish Bowl post by Richard Etchison.

Moms generally handle PR duties for families. They’re the most concerned with public perception, social responsibility, and community relations. In honor of Mother’s Day, we celebrate how some of our mothers’ classic guidance is actually sound public relations advice.

Be Upfront

Like a seasoned PR pro, a mother sees the big picture and is more concerned with the long-term than immediate rewards. A good mom is never a yes-person. The PR team must be trusted advisors that have the confidence to tell you what you don’t want to hear, but need to know.

Be Honest

Blaming a sibling might work — for a while. But ultimately, the lie will probably result in worse punishment than the deed. Truth earns trust, whether in media relations, coworker connections, or client partnerships. A quintessential rule of crisis communications is a swift and sincere admission of responsibility, followed by a solution.

Be Prepared

Media and message training for clients is important. Going into an interview with no knowledge of the reporter or outlet can end in disappointment. PR pros don’t make a move without research and careful consideration.

Mothers know a bad reputation will follow you wherever you go, whether deserved or not. They want you to conduct yourself like a good citizen in order to get jobs, have friends, and fit in. Similarly, corporate reputation is no longer an abstract concern for businesses. Today, it’s likely to impact the bottom line.

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