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What are effective digital marketing trends for small tech companies?

The attached infographic, created by Bubblegum Search, is from a Sept. 1. Marketing Profs post. You probably won’t be able to read it, but you can check out the entire infographic here:

The gist of this is to be mindful of how the buying influencer mindset is changing (and not changing). Among the stats highlighted in the infographic are the following:

  • 71% of B2B researchers begin with a generic Google search

  • Over half of B2B researchers are Millennials.

  • LinkedIn is still considered the most effective was to reach buyers

  • Only 33% of B2B brands use Instagram, but it has the highest interaction rate of the social platforms.

  • Social media marketing is more popular, but less effective than PPC (or I might add, organic search)

  • Only 21% of B2B companies think their marketing is either very or extremely successful.

So this pretty much supports our 3-pillar marketing approach for small tech companies: organic search, LinkedIn, website (and, of course, email).

Tech companies have their own subset of rules within the B2B marketing framework. For example; decision makers tend to have less tolerance for fluff, but are more open to long copy if it is engaging and relevant. And did you know that the click thru (not open) rate of emails tends to be significantly lower for tech companies? Stay tuned for next week’s post on this topic.

digital marketing trends for small tech companies

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