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What is a Smart Marketing Strategy for Small Technology Companies?

One of the best ways for small technology companies to get off the ground fast is through long-tail key terms. Long-tail key term strategy refers to focusing on a large number of highly relevant key terms with low search volume (often 0-9 per month) rather than a few key terms with high search volume: for example, instead of HPC Cluster, Custom HPC Cluster Solution Provider (relevant key terms that attract buyers average 4 words).

Surprisingly, one-word key terms account for only 2.8% of all the terms people search with, while long-tail key terms make up around 40%. Even more surprising (to me anyway) is that 16-20% of daily Google searches are for completely new phrases that have NEVER been searched for before.

Long-tail key terms are more relevant to most searchers (for the simple reason that they are specific). And the likelihood that a key term or phrase will drive a conversion increases with its relevance… not its volume. Also, the more relevant the key term the farther along in the buying cycle the searcher tends to be.

So why isn’t everyone opting for long-tail key terms? Basically because it is a lot more work than high volume one-word key terms. It also requires strategic expertise and familiarity with the client’s industry.

What is a Smart Marketing Strategy for Small Technology Companies?

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