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Who are the best marketing consultants for Chicago area technology companies?

Smart PR Communications offers tailored marketing services for the unique challenges of Chicago area tech companies. Chicago is home to a vibrant start-up community anchored by more established innovators. There are also many university and non-university affiliated incubators. What these start-ups have in common is energy, instability, limited finances, and the need for a marketing solution that promotes visibility and qualified leads while supporting rapid growth. Basically they cannot wait around for something to happen. We have developed a suite of marketing tools designed to meet these needs.

For example, when we started in this business we were shocked to learn that marketing consultants spend an average of 40% of their time documenting results and proving ROI. We look for activities where the ROI is self-evident and spend our time on what delivers results for clients. Start-ups, even those that are well funded, need to begin bringing in revenue from day one.

Although we do have out-of-state clients, we prefer to stay local for a number of reasons, including standing in-person weekly meetings with each client. These meetings allow Smart PR Communications to function as a member of each client’s team; review what did and didn’t work the week before; and set the agenda of activities for the week to come.

We do a lot of things differently than our competitors, but this is a primary differentiator. We are never wondering what we should be doing for a client and our clients are never wondering exactly what we are doing for them. We walk away from every meeting with a full slate of activities for the coming week and usually have to do a lot of scrambling to get everything done before the next meeting.

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