Who are the best marketing consultants for Chicago area technology companies?

Smart PR Communications offers tailored marketing services for the unique challenges of Chicago area tech companies. Chicago is home to a vibrant start-up community anchored by more established innovators. There are also many university and non-university affiliated incubators. What these start-ups have in common is energy, instability, limited finances, and the need for a marketing solution that promotes visibility and qualified leads while supporting rapid growth. Basically they cannot wait around for something to happen. We have developed a suite of marketing tools designed to meet these needs. For example, when we started in this business we were shocked to learn that marketing consultan

What’s the best way to rank in organic search for high ticket items?

Research show that relatively inexpensive consumer and business products (under $500) achieve better results in terms of sales with pay-per-click (PPC) ads than with organic results, but the polar opposite is true for high ticket items. In fact, organic results achieve dramatically better results than PPC in that scenario. Why? It really boils down to trust and credibility. People that are spending a lot of money would like as much risk removed as possible. With high organic rankings there is a perception of credibility. High organic rankings imply industry authority leadership, experience, and expertise—everything searchers want when contemplating a major purchase. This perception translate

Why does great online visibility matter?

In all of the marketing noise, a fundamental truth gets lost: you need to be everywhere your buyers are looking. It’s that simple. If you don’t get on prospects’ radar—particularly when they are ready to make a buying decision, how can you expect to grow and how long can you expect to stay in business? So whatever marketing activities you are engaged in now, ask yourself if they will matter the moment that people are ready to buy.

Why isn't my company visible online?

You are not where they are looking. This is the #1 reason that organizations begin using our services. Surprisingly this lament is not only coming from small, struggling start-ups, but from established companies as well. And, unless you are operating in an extremely crowded field, buyers very much want to know who you are.

Which Chicago area companies offer the best online visibility services?

No one knows who we are…this is one of the most frustrating business dilemmas. Most marketing activities designed to remedy the situation just don’t work. Our method does work. We have spent the last 10 years continuously focusing on what works and abandoning what doesn’t. What works for our clients is creating and sustaining visibility—that is what drives sales and delivers obvious ROI.

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