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Benefits of the Marketing Immeasurable

Much of marketing ROI can be measured, but most of it cannot. There has been a mindset the last few years that for anything to have value it needs to be measurable—this is a trap. You can measure website traffic, media hits, click bait openers, completed contact forms, phone inquiries, customer loyalty, etc.

Then there are some things that most people believe you can measure and you effectively can’t: brand awareness, customer sentiment, perceived value, etc. The things that can’t be measured with any accuracy all revolve around brand.

B2B clients give well-branded companies greater leeway and more opportunities than their lesser-known competitors. This leeway includes:

1. Access: Anyone who's ever tried to see a C-suite executive knows half the challenge is simply getting in the door. If the person you’re trying to see has heard of your company, that’s a big advantage.

2. Permission to take on Bigger Projects: Clients place more trust in well-branded firms. That extra amount of trust gives branded companies the go ahead to take on projects bigger than even more experienced competitors.

3. A Second Chance: The difference between a lesser-known company that fails and a well-branded company that fails is that the well-branded company will get an opportunity to restore confidence.

4. A Shorter Sales Cycle: There’s no need to spin and cajole when prospects already know and trust your brand.

Only valuing what is measurable, is like looking for lost keys under a streetlight because it’s the only place that’s lit. It’s much more likely the keys are hiding in the dark.

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