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What sales wants from marketing

According to recent research conducted by Phoenix-based demand generator Televerde what B2B sales leaders want most from their marketing departments are better messaging and more qualified leads. The report was based on a survey of 200 sales leaders who sell B2B products or services; 25% work for companies with an annual revenue of $1B or more. Following is the full run down of how sales says marketing can help their efforts:

1. Better messaging: 43%

2. More qualified leads: 40%

3. Better marketing materials 35%

4. More case studies/testimonials: 34%

5. Vertical and segment targeting and materials: 33%

6. Better qualified leads: 30%

7. Better website: 30%

8. Better target personas: 28%

9. Be at more industry and influencer events: 25%

10. Host more clients and virtual events: 25%

11. Ask me what I need more often: 25%

12. Provide competitive or industry information: 23%

13. Improve our sales proposals: 17%

14. Other: 4%

When asked what tools/ assets/activities from marketing are most useful to sales, respondents said industry events, value propositions, and case studies. Specifically:

1. Industry events: 52%

2. Value proposition: 46%

3. Case studies: 42%

4. Sales presentations: 41%

5. Product sheets: 40%

6. Social marketing: 40%

7. Webinars/company hosted events: 35%

8. Thought leadership: 35%

9. Ebooks and whitepapers 30%

10. Email templates: 30%

11. Competitive profiles: 23%

12. Industry profiles: 23%

13. Battle cards: 23%

14. Blogs: 20%

This is all a great roadmap for prioritizing marketing activities that support the sales team. For a no cost discussion of your situation, some great tools that may work for you and the volume of quality traffic we can drive to your website via organic search call 630-363-8081 or email Scroll down to the bottom of any page on this website to get a free automated technical analysis of your website


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