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The Benefits of Online Media Release Distribution

The goals of traditional media releases--increasing an organization’s visibility and credibility and announcing news are now equally as important as new goals that traditional media releases cannot accomplish. These new goals include:

  • Reaching prospects directly

  • Search engine optimization

  • Creating online content

As opposed to traditional media releases, which are a channel for communicating only with the media; online media releases reach both the media and the public directly.

There is currently no more cost-effective tool for quickly building and maintaining the online visibility that is critical for success in today’s market than strategically written, optimized, and distributed media releases. The key word here is strategic.

It has taken us 9 years to fine tune this methodology for leveraging releases. Part of the reason we have been so much more successful than other marketing organizations is that we have the advantage of regularly developing and distributing releases for multiple clients. Tracking a large volume of releases every month helps us continually identify and adjust for ever changing elements of the Google algorithm without having to speculate. For our clients, this means that they have a significant advantage when it comes to search results for key terms that are relevant for their markets.

In most cases, large competitors of our clients are paying for AdWords in the same space where our clients’ releases are appearing. The fact that they are paying Google 1,000s of dollars every month is an indication of just how desirable that space is and how difficult it is to get there organically.

The releases that we create accomplish everything Google AdWords accomplish—enhancing visibility and driving traffic to the website—for a fraction of the cost. They have the additional advantage of credibility and they accomplish much, much more.

Benefits include:

  • Capturing New Leads

  • Nurturing Existing Leads

  • Controlling the Marketing Message

  • Maintaining Contact with Social Media Followers

  • Inbound Links

  • International Publicity

  • Connecting with Current and Prospective Partners

  • They Are Remarkably Cost Effective

There isn’t any other marketing tool that can accomplish all of this for a fraction of the cost of a typical AdWord campaign. In fact, we find that our clients usually abandon Google AdWords quickly after we start working with them. Google is not losing out; these releases are providing the foundational content that allows Google to balance AdWord ads with credible organic search results. Google needs the content our releases provide.

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