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Kick-Start Marketing Solution

While we offer an affordable, comprehensive Core Marketing Solution, it's not right for everyone. If you have talent that's eager to learn, we are eager to teach.
Kick-Start ensures that you have an excellent in-house foundation of marketing assets in place and the expertise to drive growth.  

We teach as we go.

Assets all Businesses Need for Marketing Success

Following is a list of marketing assets that you will have in place at the end of 3 months:

  • A brand/message guide

  • A website with a competitive domain authority

  • Website pages with search-friendly metatags

  • An email account

  • An email list with at least 2,000 contacts

  • A blog with at least 6 posts

  • LinkedIn and Facebook pages with at least 1,000 followers each

  • A media database

  • A high-quality logo

  • A collection of high-quality photos

  • Google Analytics

  • Basic templates

  • A media database

  • A marketing maintenance plan and the expertise to implement it


As with All Clients, We Also

  • Complete a New Client Questionnaire w/client

  • Review and assess current materials, including photos

  • Conduct a competitor analysis

  • Have a standing weekly meeting 

Custom Solutions Available

Contact us for a price list.

Contact us for a Quick Consultation 



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