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For Very Small Businesses

 A cost-effective option for businesses that just want a few services that deliver results.

1.  Blog Posts: 2/Month

Description: 300-500 words each; keyterm optimized

Purpose: To create the content necessary to drive organic search results and website traffic.


2.  Emails: 2/Month

Description: Strategically written and formatted for maximum open and click thru rates.

Purpose: To create interest, drive website traffic and capture leads.

3.  Media Releases: 1/Month

Description: 400-500 words each; distributed through digital news service to major outlets and news aggregators.

Purpose: For visibility in news results, especially Google News, but more importantly to create crucial backlinks to the client's site. 

5.  Analytics Reports: Weekly

Description: These are the reports we regularly run for clients. There are other reports that we can run if we see a marketing-related issue.

Purpose: So that we know how we are doing, and more importantly, so that the client knows how they are doing. Running these reports often uncovers an issue that, once we know about it, can be resolved quickly. Having these metrics also allows us to pivot expeditiously if something isn’t working and double down on what is working.

6.  Status Meetings: Weekly

Description: Client attendees at these fast-paced meetings typically include a decision maker and someone from sales. The day before each meeting, we send the client the weekly analytics reports and an agenda—which the client can add to. These meetings usually last 15-30 minutes.

Purpose: To discuss what was accomplished in the previous week and what needs to be accomplished in the next week. We also go over the analytics reports, so that the client has a clear idea of progress and any issues that need their attention. This is an excellent consulting opportunity for the client.

Custom Solutions Available

Contact us for a price list.



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