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LinkedIn Posts for B2Bs that Engage Readers

A recent LinkedIn study of 39,465 business posts revealed the following:

· The average engagement rate per post on LinkedIn is 0.35%.

· On average, 49% of posts for any single business on LinkedIn include images, 38% include articles and 12% include videos.

· Visually oriented content increases the median number of likes.

· Small and large companies get higher engagement values (likes and comments) by using more images; medium-sized companies get higher engagement values through videos.

· Articles generate the highest average engagement per number of impressions; this is especially true for small businesses.

LinkedIn is a great tool with plenty of opportunities to generate both paid and free visibility. For a no cost discussion of your situation, some great apps that may work for you and the volume of quality traffic we can drive to your website via organic search call 630-363-8081 or email Scroll down to the bottom of any page on this website to get a free automated technical analysis of your website

The info above is from an excellent Marketing Profs article by Ayaz Nanji. The full article, along with an infographic, is available at:


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