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Which Companies Benefit from SEO the Most?

While all organizations can benefit from having an SEO-friendly marketing strategy, SEO does benefit some companies more than others. Following are a few requirements for getting the maximum benefit from a search engine optimization campaign.

1. An SEO-friendly product

For new products or services, SEO may not be the best channel. If no one knows that a product exists, they won't be searching for it online—although there are ways around this. On the other hand, if the company offers a product that people are already searching for online, the potential to add value through SEO is huge.

2. A product/market fit

There needs to be a market that is ready to embrace what the company is offering. The job of SEO is not to build demand but, rather drive business through organic search results.

3. A reputation for delivering on promises

Even more than having proven demand for their products, companies must also demonstrate that they consistently meet or exceed the expectations of their buyers.

4. A minimum level of online popularity

It takes a while to build search result presence if the company has a low Google site rank (>20). This is because site rank is the #1 factor that Google considers when deciding how to display organic results. A persistent SEO campaign will in itself build site rank over time.

5. A clean record

If the company has violated Google’s webmaster guidelines, Google will penalize the site, making it very difficult to achieve any kind of organic search presence. Google is continually redefining what it considers a violation, but all web developers know what is and isn’t allowed (a classic violation is shady link building).

Much of the information above is from Hamlet Batista’s 12/17/18 Marketing Profs Blog Post: Criteria for Choosing Prospects that would Benefit from SEO.

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