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Why do small tech companies have a problem with PR consultants?

Research shows that there are three reasons. And they are the same reasons that most small businesses, in particular, have issues with public relations:

1. A poor understanding of the client’s business/industry.

2. Subpar writing quality.

3. Extra add-ons and fees.

For the record, our clients have never had issues with us in any of these areas, because we are aware of these traditional problems and have worked hard to eliminate them. So this is what we offer:

1. A Good Understanding of Each Client’s Business.

We have a deep understanding of the technology industry and the market for those products and services. This is a very difficult sector to stay on top of, but we set aside a significant amount of time to stay on top of breakthroughs and trends. Beyond that, we’ve honed a method to get up to speed quickly on the details of each client’s business.

2. Excellent Writing Quality.

Writing quality is always a primary consideration, but most public relations consultants struggle in this area. When it comes to the technology sector, mastering terminology takes dedication. It should tell you something that we are on the Harvard Business Review’s Board of Directors.

3. Straightforward Billing

Most PR consultants bill on a monthly retainer basis and add a hefty amount for extras. If there are any recurring add-ons (such as media distribution and monitoring), we will discuss these with you ahead of time. We very rarely add extras to the invoice.

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